• Any request made after 7-days of using our services, will not be approved in any way for refund.
  • Replenishment will be delivered after reviewing your request and it takes 1-2 business days depending upon the size of the package.
  • Our decision regarding the refund requests based on the quality of the content depends on the case-to-case. After receiving your complaint, our team will review it and inform you of our decision within 1-2 business days. But Idigic AU is under no obligation to fulfill your refund request under these circumstances.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the client to set their account settings as public while using our services. We’re not responsible for any damage, delay, or drop that happened for this reason.

Idigic AU is one of the few platforms where users have maximum satisfaction. It is all made possible with our sheer determination and seamless customer experience. 95% of our orders are complete without any hiccup, but if due to any technical error, if it happens, then we’re putting a smile on your faces.

Is it Possible to Get a Refund?

Yes, during certain circumstances, we offer a partial or complete refund depending upon the condition.

Conditions When You Can Get Partial or Complete Refund

If due to any of our systematic errors, or some issues regarding your Instagram account, we can’t deliver your order, then you can get a refund. Make sure you’ve fully understood what you’re buying; any misunderstanding from your end cannot result in getting you a refund.

Reasons for Not Getting the Refund

  • You won’t be eligible to get a refund if you’ve not reported your complaint or drop.
  • The refund wouldn’t be provided for late delivery
  • No partial or complete refund will be issued due to any service interruption, or failure.
  • If the order has been delivered successfully or it is under-processing.  
  • While violating the guidelines issued by the Instagram Community.
  • You’ve acted in a rude manner with our customer support.
  • Upon the false attempt to file a fraudulent case against Idigic AU via Alfa.